Cabinets with dough trays

Dough tray cabinets are designed for artisan bakers who wish to carry out vat in trays for greater hydration of their dough with a longer shelf life.

The distribution of a consistent and indirect cold temperature on products in BCR cabinets prevents products from drying out while ensuring effective dough blocking at a low temperature for long periods.

Armoires à bacs

General features

  • Grey PET sheet surface interior and white laminated panels sheet exterior with scratch-resistant PVC surface (sheet thickness 7/10th)
  • Injected high-density polyurethane insulation, 41 kg/m3 and 60 mm thickness
  • Adjustable stainless steel racks and angle brackets
  • Door panel protection via PVC profiles
  • Ventilated ceiling evaporator with epoxy or cataphoretic coating
  • Refrigeration unit using tropicalised R452A as standard
  • Touch-sensitive control as standard and digital thermostat for continuous cold machine
  • Chrome-plated hinges
  • Aluminium door surround with door-integrated handle.
  • 85 to 130 mm adjustable stainless steel feet
  • Delivered assembled with unit fitted (can be supplied disassembled and remote unit on request) without grids liners trays or dough trays

Sizes and features

Temperature range: retarder proofer cabinets: -10°C to +40°C

RéférenceDimensions en mmCapacité Blocage bacs
de bacs 7 kg
de bacs 5 kg