Negative preserving cabinets

The freezer cabinet stores products that have already been fast frozen.

With its -30°C freezing capability, it can quickly freeze products before storing them.

Armoires de conservation négatives

General features

  • Grey PET sheet surface interior and white lacquered sheet exterior with scratch-resistant PVC surface (sheet thickness 8/10th)
  • Injected high-density polyurethane insulation, 41 kg/m3 and 60 mm thick
  • Stainless steel racks and angle brackets, adjustable every 30 mm
  • Ventilated ceiling evaporator
  • Defrost via heating element
  • Refrigeration unit using R452A or R449A
  • Open door alarm
  • Open door fan stop
  • Digital thermostat control
  • Chrome-plated, reinforced door hinges
  • 85 to 130 mm adjustable stainless steel feet
  • Supplied disassembled with unit fitted, without trays or grids
  • Tropicalised motor as standard with a two-year warranty for the double-depth model (except PN/PP)

Sizes and features

Fully compliant for -18°C -22°C/-30°C deep-freeze storage

RéférenceDimensions en mmCapacité Surgélation
Ecartement de 60mm
Capacité Conservation
Ecartement de 60mm
LargeurProfondeurHauteurNombre de
portes à -30°C
de plaques
de portes
à -18°C
de plaques
400 x 600
400 x 600PN5007208102425--224
400 x 600PN100013208102425--448
600 x 800PN500DP92010102425--244
600 x 800PN1000DP172010102530--486
600 x 800PN1500DP252010102521--6134
400 x 600PN7/351320810242517335
400 x 600PN7/551920810242517555
600 x 800PN10/64DP172010102530110364
600 x 800PN10/112DP2520101025301105112
600 x 800PN10/160DP3320101025301107160