Deep freezers

Deep-freezing consists of dropping the temperature of the centre of food products to -18°C in a short period of time thanks to powerful equipment that can reach a temperature of approximately -35°C.

The fine crystallisation created by this technique makes it possible to preserve product freshness, texture and gustatory qualities. This 2-in-1 equipment (deep freezer and storage) offers more space and saves time with its automatic switch to storage mode at the end of the deep-freeze cycle.

All our Deep Freezers are equipped with the Coldsystem regulator.

Surgélateurs conservateurs

General features

  • Grey PET surface interior and white lacquered panels exterior with scratch-resistant PVC surface (sheet thickness 8/10th)
  • Insulation : injected high-density polyurethane insulation, 41 kg/m3 and 100 mm thick
  • Stainless steel racks and angle brackets, adjustable every 30 mm
  • Tropicalised sealed or semi-sealed refrigeration unit – 2-year warranty
  • Electronic control panel with colour LCD screen for greater ease of use : Coldsystem as standard
  • Electric defrost with real-time clock
  • Anti-short cycle on compressor
  • Open door alarm
  • Open door fan stop
  • Stainless steel inner door
  • Inner door with rounded corners
  • Integrated double-contact seal
  • Chrome-plated hinges
  • Ergonomic chrome-plated stainless steel handles with key-operated lock
  • 150 mm to 200 mm height-adjustable stainless steel feet
  • Disassembled with remote unit, without trays or grids
  • Refrigeration unit using R449A

Sizes and features

Fully compliant for -18°C storage and -40°C deep-freeze

RéférenceDimensions en mmCapacité Surgélation
Ecartement de 60mm
Capacité Conservation
Ecartement de 60mm
LargeurProfondeurHauteurNombre de
portes à -40°C
de plaques
de portes
à -18°C
de plaques
400 x 600
1 groupe600x800SCL 28/54220010802255228254
600x800SCL 28/98300010802255228498
600x800SCL 28/1503800108022552286150
600x800SCL 28/2004600108022552288200
2 groupes600x800SCL 28/48 2G226010802255228248
600x800SCL 28/92 2G306010802255228492
600x800SCL 28/144 2G3860108022552286144
600x800SCL 28/194 2G4660108022552288194
1 groupe600x800SCL 10/72180010802255110372
600x800SCL 10/1202600108022551105120
600x800SCL 10/1683400108022551107168
1 groupe400x600SCL 10/48160010802255110348
400x600SCL 10/96240010802255110596
400x600SCL 10/1443200108022551107144

Maximum or essential deep-freeze, single or double depth with 1 or 2 units. The depth of BCR’s deep-freezer/storage equipment provides you with the right solution for all your freezer needs.